A Single Mom’s Journey of Healing From Narcissistic and Physical Abuse

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High-Conflict Custody Agreement: 5 Things You Forget to Include

High-Conflict Custody Agreement

Your High-Conflict Custody Agreement

When drafting your High-Conflict Custody Agreement, a lot of things will be standard according to your state, such as child support, drop-off times, and medical expenses. The thing about a High Conflict Custody Agreement is that standard papers do NOT work. You might think, oh I am sure we will figure out something if something happens that isn’t in the papers; but guess what? Your ex will ALWAYS twist anything and everything in his favor, unless it is written and signed by a judge saying otherwise…and even then, they still try to twist it!

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Co-Parenting with a Narcissistic Ex: Communication

Communication with a Narcissistic Ex

My favorite question about co-parenting with a Narcissistic Ex is, “How do you do it?” My answer is always: YOU CAN’T.

The idea of co-parenting is separated parents working together amicably to raise their child. Narcissists can’t put others before themselves so the idea of co-parenting is impossible. What you have to do when raising a child whose other parent is a narcissist is to develop coping skills in order to handle their behavior while putting your child’s wellbeing first.

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