Products for Stressed Out Moms

I’m sharing my Favorite Products to Help Stressed Out Moms. I have personally purchased all of these products, so I can attest to their ability to Help Stressed Moms! Also Check Out My Post Feel Like Less of a Hot Mess Mom for Under $30 for some more great recommendations.

Some links may be affiliate links. I may be compensated if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

1. Mellanni Sheets

These sheets are stain and wrinkle proof and include a money back guarantee. They are also the softest ever and come in over 40 colors! The prices range from $27 for Queen and $32.97 for King

2. Air Fryer

I love the taste of frozen food cooked in the oven but the ease of the microwave usually wins. Air Fryers take the best of both worlds and puts it into one. Also, you can start taking home french fries from restaurants because this machine makes them taste just as the did fresh out of the fryer.

3. Motivational Water Bottles

A friend of mine purchased one of these for me after I had a kidney infection earlier this year and my kids loved it so much I got them their own. There are so many different ones, but I am loving the Unicorn one a ton!

I can’t believe how many benefits these have had, my kids have stopped drinking from my cup, they drink a ton of water, and there are less dishes since they aren’t constantly getting new cups!

4. Nest Thermostat

Ok, I admit when I first moved into my house these were already installed and I was really frustrated when it was set to the previous resident’s schedule but once I got it programmed to mine, it has been amazing. I like it warmer during the day and colder at night, it knows this and automatically does it without me having to change it.

The biggest pro for the nest is if you are anything like me and always hurrying out the door, you might forget to change the temp and during the summer or winter, that could end up costing you some major $$. The nest uses location services so it knows to change it when it sees you leave the house. You can also use the app to change the temp according to your situation. That right there has saved me hundreds!

5. Roomba

Out of everything I have ever purchased in my life, this has been the best. I have dark vinyl wood floors so every little thing shows on them. Not having to worry about sweeping every day is the biggest life safer…especially with kids and pets!!

6. Tub Shroom

If you have an open drain, just trust me on this one. This cost effective product will save you from cleaning the drain yourself (vomit) or hiring a plumber.