Ask anyone that knows me personally, they will describe me as a Hot Mess Mom. I have learned to embrace this term finally. During my journey of healing from physical and emotional abuse, I realized that I needed to practice self care in order to feel better about myself and build my self confidence. The problem is, I am broke so I have to be very wise and frugal with self-care purchases.

I put together a list of 9 items I swear by. I purchased all items before I started blogging so all opinions are my own. I have included links to the items I have purchased. Some links may be affiliate links. I may be compensated if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

1. Powder Dip Nail Kit

It might sound weird but there is something about seeing a woman’s nails well manicured that makes me a little jealous. I don’t have the time nor the money to go get my nails done every 2 weeks. Also, I am too rough on normal nail polish so there are smudges or chips before the end of the first day. Which causes me to end up looking more of a hot mess than I did without them painted.

Then I discovered DIY Powder Dip Kits. If you can paint your nails yourself and watch a few YouTube Tutorials, you can do this. It takes around 30 minutes to do my nails but they are perfect for at least a week. I always feel much less of a hot mess when my nails look nice.

I recommend getting a kit that includes the polishes, dip powder, file and brush just to make it easier; however, you can always buy each item separately if it saves you money!

I purchased a kit by MEFA but I have included some others under $30 with good reviews.

MEFA Nail Dip Kit

MEFA Nail Dip Kit, $26.99

Tomicca Nail Dip Kit

Tomicca Nail Dip Kit, $29.99

NMKL38 Nail Dip Kit

NMKL38 Nail Dip Kit, $29.99

2. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebooks

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook, $21

I love to write on paper. Whether it is grocery lists, blog ideas, or just doodles. I have so many notebooks piled up, some filled with scribbles or old To-Do Lists but there are also some great ideas or information but I have so many it is nearly impossible to find those ideas if I needed them. Then I discovered Rocketbooks.

There are so many great things I can say about Rocket Books it is hard to pinpoint which is my favorite feature

There are different ones that are lines or dotted graph. I chose the Fusion Edition which is over $30 but it includes a Weekly Calendar, To Do List, Graph Paper, and Lined, along with a few more Productivity Templates.

It comes with an erasable pen and microfiber cloth; however, if you are a hot mess like me, you can buy a pack of Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens to use with it so no worry when you lose a pen! Also, they come in a variety of colors and they work on regular paper too!

If you misplace the microfiber cloth that comes with it, you can use any microfiber cloth you own. So far I have used my makeup remover cloth, my (clean) Bona Mop Pad, and a normal cleaning microfiber cloth hahaha!

The coolest feature has to be the ability to take a picture of the page, upload it to the Rocketbook App, where it becomes a searchable document. So now I can find all those great ideas I have easier while being environmentally friendly.

3. Silicone Face Scrubbers

Silicone Face Scrubbers

Silicone Face Scrubbers, 2 Pack, $4.99

It doesn’t get much better than a product that is gentle on your skin, reusable, environmentally friendly, cheap, and is a twofer.

I have dry skin so exfoliating is important so I don’t get rough patches on my face. I hate when you try a product and it is too harsh or it doesn’t work well, then you spent money on a product you can’t use. Hot Mess Moms don’t have time or money to waste on products that don’t work!

I want a product that exfoliates, isn’t rough on my skin, and isn’t expensive. Not only do these little scrubbers do those things, they also double for a makeup brush and sponge cleaner. Just rub your brushes and sponges with some soap on the scrubber and you can see all the makeup come right out!

4. Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original Fragrance, 6.73 Fl Oz,Pack of 3

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original Fragrance, 6.73 Fl Oz,Pack of 3, $14.99

I seriously don’t know how people get through life without dry shampoo. If you don’t use dry shampoo, you are missing out. If you aren’t aware, you don’t need to wash your hair often. The problem with my hair is that I have Combination Hair…see I seriously can’t help being a Hot Mess Mom, I was born with it. My hair gets oily if I don’t wash it but washing it daily makes it super dry from my ears down. So what is a Hot Mess Mom to do? Dry Shampoo! I just spray it in at night, brush, and wake up in the morning with “normal” hair.

Bonus, the amount of time saved from not shampooing can be spent doing more important things such as scrolling Instagram (insert link) or reading Blogs (like this one.)

5. Body Shower Cleansing Oil

I hate that feeling of dry skin when I get out of the shower. I am not a fan of lotion so I usually deal with dry skin. I have used Coconut Oil to shave and while it is great for smoothe legs, I would get the oil everywhere and by everywhere I mean it usually got in my eyes or my hair somehow which created for hard to see out of contacts and an oil mop for hair.

Body Cleansing Oil keeps my skin hydrated, smoothe, and clean while not creating a mess. Plus, it smells great!

I use the Trader Joe’s Nourish Shower & Bath Cleansing Oil but it is not available on Amazon currently. I discussed with someone that has used the L’Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil and the Trader Joe’s one and she says they are similar but the L’Occitane is better but it also costs more. I also included a link for one with great reviews but I have not used it. This Body Oil keeps my skin hydrated, smoothe, and clean while not creating a mess. Plus, it smells great!

L'Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil

L’Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil, $25

Bioderma Atoderm Moisturizing and Cleansing Oil for Very Dry Sensitive, $19.90

6. Fake Flower Arrangements

Not sure if having a Black Thumb is a Hot Mess Mom Requirement, but it is a common characteristic of us! The problem is I love flowers and plants. I just can’t keep them alive. Seriously, I have killed cactus and succulents. Even the self watering plants. I don’t know what I do or what I don’t do but I gave up on live plants 2 years ago and it is a money saver. Not only because I don’t have to spend money replacing plants but also I am allergic to pollen and cut flowers in the house always led to a sinus infection. Does it get any more Hot Mess Mom than that?!?!

I was introduced to fake flowers by my “wealthy” Hot Mess Mom friend. I figured if they were good enough for her, they were way beyond good enough for me. I bought my flowers and glass container from Hobby Lobby but I have included some examples, because who knows when you’re a Hot Mess Mom when you will have time to go to the store, Amazon Prime those suckers!

MyGift Mini Synthetic Silk Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase, White

MyGift Mini Synthetic Silk Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase, White, $17.99

YILIYAJIA Artificial Rose Bouquets with Ceramics Vase

YILIYAJIA Artificial Rose Bouquets with Ceramic Vase, $21.69

7. Electric Facial Hair Remover

TOUCHBeauty Hair Trimmer for Face Eyebrow Nose Ear Body Hair Trimming, All in ONE Hair Remover

TOUCHBeauty Hair Trimmer for Face Eyebrow Nose Ear Body Hair Trimming, All in ONE Hair Remover , $15.99

I’ll make this one short and sweet. We get older, hair starts growing where it used to not. As a Hot Mess Mom, it only makes sense that you notice this when you’re picking up the kids from school/daycare or putting the kids to sleep, you don’t have the time (or the money) to call and make a waxing appointment. You do have time to go into your bathroom to get rid of that hair faster than a kid comes running in looking for you.

8. Decorative Kitchen Towels

God Bless This Hot Mess Towel

God Bless This Hot Mess Towel, $10.95

Having a decorative kitchen towel not only makes your kitchen look nice and put together it gives the illusion that you like to cook! I’m not talking “The Secret Ingredient is Love” or “Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed” towels. Those are for Stepford Wives.

I personally go for the “I’m a Put Together Hot Mess Mom,” Look. I have this Floral “God Bless This Mess” towel bc I want a funny, sarcastic towel that is also pretty.

It hangs on my oven door and I don’t use it. I am a Hot Mess Mom, that means if I use it, it will always be in the laundry basket either dirty or in a pile of clean laundry, which screams Hot Mess Mom and we are going for a more put together look here.

Here are a few more towels that I think are perfect to express your “I’m a Hot Mess Mom Pretending Not to Be on the Verge of a Mental Breakdown and Looking Put Together by Having Cute Towels,” personality.

Don’t Worry Dishes, $13.99

Don’t F Up, $13.95

Fresh Out of, $13.95

9. Pine-Sol


Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner, Original Pine, 40 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2), $13.99

Look if you can afford organic, smell good, and actually clean cleaners, then more power to you. But I am a (single and broke) Hot Mess Mom that needs something that works and is cheap and the answer to that is Pine-Sol. My Mom never used this stuff, a friend who couponed gave me some. I fell in love. This stuff cleans better than any other cleaner I have used. You can use it on everything, including laundry. It is a concentrate so I buy the huge bottle and mix it up in a spray bottle and clean everything in the house except myself, children, and the dog.

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