A Single Mom’s Journey of Healing From Narcissistic and Physical Abuse

Month: April 2020

Crazy Making: When Your Abuser Plays Victim

Abuser Plays Victim

This story has been hard for me to tell people. I am ashamed of it for so many reasons. I got in trouble with the police. My children were exposed to behavior they shouldn’t have never seen. I spiraled out of control, my life being controlled by an abuser, and I allowed my fear of being alone to contribute to me tolerating the abuse. It is the story about the night my abuser called the cops on me, when an abuser plays victim and when an abuse victim is made out to be an abuser.

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High-Conflict Custody Agreement: 5 Things You Forget to Include

High-Conflict Custody Agreement

Your High-Conflict Custody Agreement

When drafting your High-Conflict Custody Agreement, a lot of things will be standard according to your state, such as child support, drop-off times, and medical expenses. The thing about a High Conflict Custody Agreement is that standard papers do NOT work. You might think, oh I am sure we will figure out something if something happens that isn’t in the papers; but guess what? Your ex will ALWAYS twist anything and everything in his favor, unless it is written and signed by a judge saying otherwise…and even then, they still try to twist it!

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