How I found myself Social Distancing from Social Media during a time when Social Media is one of our only ways of social interaction. 

Socially Distancing From Social Media

Social Distancing will be 2020’s word(s) of the year no doubt. During this time we are relying on social media to fulfill our need for human interaction. The problem is that too many of us have replaced work and hanging out with friends with hours upon hours scrolling. At first, I found myself commenting on all of my friend’s posts complaining about the extended Spring Break, then the posts turned to Home Schooling Memes. We all need a little humor during this time. Then slowly the posts turned into articles about the number of cases, then deaths. Posts in Facebook Groups started to turn into fights over Social Distancing and what exactly “Essential” means. No more pictures of cute kids or funny memes–minus Joe Exotic/Tiger King. Even obnoxious selfies and brunch mimosa pictures were gone, replaced by grim articles of our future. 

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